Welcome to the world of Shadowrun. Were man, machine and magic coexist with each other in not so much perfect harmony. The year is 2072, corporation rule most of the world with there greedy hands (and claws), the matrix (the internet) is every ware you go and magic has open up a whole new world called awaken world. This is just the tip of the ice burg called Shadowrun.

Wastor a solder who fought for a company who sought to take over south america. Tried of the war Wastor decide to skip out of the war and now he lives with the fear of a company that might be hunting him. Slythos is a tachomancer elf who wants to find the bastards who killed his parents while trying to keep his identity a secret. Last but not least Servo-kick kaleidoscope aka collider a eccentric reality star by day and a runner by night.

These runner’s take any job they can find just to pay rent and maybe some extra to get some upgrade. They are not alone though, these new runners have help from there mentor Will (Good Eye) the bartender,an legend runner that went by the name Good Eye. He wont go on mission with them but will be there for advice and support. These new runner’s will have to run there jobs in the night’s shadow.

New Runner's Enter The Unknown Night's Shadow

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