Wastor's Runners journal

(Wastor’s Journal, 5/15)
Why did I fall unconscious? The easy answer would be the wounds I sustained from the sniper, but that’s probably what they want me to believe. What if that coffee shop found out I’ve been raiding their dumpster and decided to try to do get rid of me? Must investigate further.

I was cautious about joining the Elemental Ring at first, especially due to their ties with Ares, but our false names gave us access to everything they had, so it’s for the best. Hopefully I can work things out with Boris so that everyone ends up happy.

I wasn’t surprised to see the sasquatch at all. Everybody knows these “sasquatches” are actually a creation of the Renraku corporation, created through failed attempts to implant AIs into the brains of large primates.

-Wastor’s journal, January
Thanks to my negligence and hesitation, a friend is now dead, and the list of organizations that would benefit from me losing my only ties to the government are a mile long. Getting to the bottom of Tom’s death is my main concern, but now there is a new blip on my already full radar: mages. It seems like once again I must adapt to a new set of rules and a new set of enemies. All of my spare time will be spent doing research and gathering supplies. As I gain knowledge of hardware, many things around me that I thought to be useless and unsalvageable are showing promise and potential. My best weapon will always be my unpredictability.

Wastor's Runners journal

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