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This page contains info like news feed, info they stole or were given, job info and much more.

News Feed


Tom’s Autopsy report- The autopsy shows that Tom was killed by two bullets to the head. The bullets were trace back to a gun that belongs to a lone star. The lone star’s name is Jay Equal.

Slythos’s Parents Death INFO- In the file that Andrew gave Slythos were 2 autopsy reports and one report from the detective overseeing the case.

  • Autopsy #1- White female 5’6 age 26-30 name: john doe. reason of death: jugular in throat was cut (the cut was in the shape of a claw). distinguishing features: tattoo of a lion on her left shoulder. No one claimed the body. Date 2054 march 1.
  • Autopsy #2- Asian male 5’8 age 28—30 name: John Doe. Reason of Death: car crash. Distinguishing Features: Tattoo around both of the wrist of lion’s mane. NO one claim the body. Date 2059 December 18.
  • Detective’s notes/report- The Detective’s name has been removed from the file along with some other things such as name of suspects, places and a lot of paragraphs. The general jest of the file on the First John Doe is the Detective new who killed the victim but through pressure from higher ups he all but basically dropped the case.
    On the second John Doe case he basically pushed it aside quite quickly witch was odd considering he always looked over all of his case more than this one.

Runner's INFO

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