Karma-Street Cred-Notoriety-Public Awareness


Wastor- 44

Collider- 44

Slythos- 44

Street Cred- 1

Burned Street Cred/Other- 3/6

Notoriety Current/Total- 3/12

Public Awareness- 1

Update #1
With the help of the AI that on occasion stalks the Runner’s, the AI overnight wiped there involvement with every thing that the police and lone star had linked to them. All though the AI was able to do this on the police and lone star end enough to get the heat off of them, some of the mieda is still talking about it along with some blogs on the matrix. The players should note that there bounty that they had on them is all gone.

Karma-Street Cred-Notoriety-Public Awareness

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