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power plant

There are three floors in the plant. This is the plant were Slythos is. He is located on the third floor. Here they will encounter the goons are guarding Slythos and an elite para-military force after they get Slythos.
first time around-
First floor is quite lager. The group will encounter a couple of of goons (nothin special).
Same with the second floor.
The third floor is a little different, they will encounter the goons and a boss type of the goons.
Second time around-
Third floor as they are leaving with slythos (70KG= (strength x 10) + (strength + body)= 10KG per point.) tell the team to make a perception test (5). If fail the players wont hear the team of killers. If they do tell them that they hear foot steps. If failed the killer team will move in to strike. When the combat starts there is only three people in this team.
Second floor- As they get to the second floor the second wave of the killers will move in on them. With this team they will keep there distance at first and allow there hacker will hack the runners comlink.
First floor- The team will encounter the third encounter with the killer team. This team is a sniper and his spotter and two guys on the ground. The sniper will take s perception (8) with eyes. With ultrasound it will take (4). With the spotter the sniper will not need to take a full round to aim and ready a shot the spotter will negate these actions. meaning the sniper with his Ranger Arms SM-4 (dam-8p AP-3 mode-SA ammo-15©) will be able to fire twice in one round.


Prelude To Hell Part 2

Vizoh hotel

All combat taken place on the 35th floor will be, In room #3503. There will be 4 guy in the room. The room is about 600 sq ft, one bedroom, one bath and a good size living room. As you go through the door you will see the living room and two doors, one on the right and one on the left. The left one is the bathroom and the right is the bedroom. 2 guys will be in the living room, one guy will be in the bathroom and the leader will be in the bedroom. The 3 grunts will be equipped with light pistols, hunting knife and the one in the bathroom will have a stun baton. There armorer is stander armorer jacket. The leader in the bedroom will be equip with Ares Alpha and normal clothes. It should be noted that the chameleon gang was not expecting company in the hotel so were packing light. The grunts roll will be as follow, light pistol 7 dice (damg=3p) and survival knife 8 dice (damg=4 AC= -1) defense rolls are as follow, armor= 8/6 (B/I) doge rolls= 7 dice. The leader rolls as follow, Ares Alpha 8 dice total (damg=6P AC= -1 RC=1) grande= (dmag=10P AC= -2 blast -2/m). If leader fires grande he will kill him self b/c of the closet blast.

combat info

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