Zorg Fleacher


Born in a slum in the U.C.A.S. Zorg worked his way into the ranks of the Philadelphia police, and onward into the CIA. Little is known about his youth other then he was a violent child and killed an orphaned elf child when he was around 8 years old.

When Zorg was 18 he became a member of the PHPD. His job was to busted in walls and hunted those known as Runners and bring them in. He later left them and joined the CIA and was put on a 5 man team under Lt. Jenkens. This was a strong arm unit, Shoot first figure the rest out later. That was the philosophy of this team.

Jenkens was the leader of the team, he is a human with a finger in many places within the CIA. He and Zorg became close friends and even closer drinking buddies. He is currently the associate deputy director of the CIA.

After 10 years of working for the CIA he was made the “fall guy” for a CIA mission gone wrong. After months of court and spending most of his time sitting in cell, the evidence wasn’t enough to convict him. So he was set free and removed from the CIA. He then vowed that he would get payback on who ever set him up, but he still had to pay the rent so he became a Runner… at least until he figures out who framed him.

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Zorg Fleacher

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