For the past few years, there’s been a strange presence in New York City, and not the usual ones that people have come to expect. In the seedier parts of the city, whispers and rumors can be heard about a large man digging through garbage, climbing in and out of sewers, and striking fear into the hearts of anybody who dares to provoke him. Known only by the bizarre pseudonym “Wastor”, most people who know enough about him consider it wise to leave him to his own devices.

Not much is known about Wastor’s history, but what little of a paper trail he has indicates that he spent his late teens to his early twenties as a soldier for hire employed by the Ares corporation. He spent a majority of his tour of duty fighting in South America in a land dispute against the Mitsuhama company. Documentation from the top brass were very positive, noting how the young soldier was naturally gifted at infiltration, and preferred on-site procurement for all his tools and weaponry. The common rumor for the origin of his strange nickname is that he was well known for digging through dumpsters and garbage piles for refuse that could be used as supplies, and often infiltrated enemy compounds through their sewer systems.

Psychological evaluations state that as the years went on, Wastor became exceedingly anti-social and uncooperative, had very little morale regarding the private war he was participating in, and was beginning to show the early signs of schizophrenia and possibly dementia. It’s here that his already shoddy background becomes even more ambiguous. Recon reports indicate that he had been in contact with an unknown party in Russia for some time who can be assumed to have mafia connections. It all came to a head when one day, Wastor, along with a majority of his government information, simply disappeared off the map.

Resurfacing a few years later, Wastor now uses his skills as a Shadowrunner. Given the volatile nature of his psyche, it is hard to tell what exactly his motivations for doing this are, but it is strongly suggested that whatever it was that Wastor saw in South America that put his mind in the state that it is in now also gave him quite a grudge against many major corporations.

Wastor’s Runners journal


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