Titanium Servo-Kick Kaleidoscope aka collider

High-Flying Daredevil of a Thousand Kicks


Exactly the wrong combination of self-confident, reckless, bored, and crazy, Titanium Servo-Kick Kaleidoscope is unsatisfied with simply attempting to build the greatest matrix broadcast melodrama ever seen—he also moonlights as a Runner under the name Collider.

A Japanese-American man in his mid-20’s, Collider has dedicated most of his life to developing the skills it takes to become the life of the party anywhere he goes, following the proud tradition of innumerable celebrity screw-ups who live hard die swinging. Following his own concepts of integrity, Collider keeps his ideals mostly to himself; but, there are a few telling details about his personality. As a runner, he seems to be dedicated to acting with honor, despite the state of the world. In his public persona, he attempts to embody an image of justice beyond the constraints of societal norms. It is probably no accident that his two worlds both exist on the fringes of culture, and that his self-image is an elaborate fiction not suited to a cut-throat world of pure business capitalism.

While making public appearances, he has a bombastic personality that sends some of his more professionally-minded acquaintances bouncing off the walls with frustration, despite his charms. However, his runner persona is more straight-forward and focused to the point of getting the job done. In all cases, he tends to rely on luck and instinct to see him through his daily trials. Though he lives a relatively lavish life in his civilian aspect, Collider is mostly interested in being challenged. Broadcast production keeps him occupied constantly, while Running allows him to operate without restraint—and without a safety net.

Collider’s Runners journal

Titanium Servo-Kick Kaleidoscope aka collider

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