New Runner's Enter The Unknown Night's Shadow

They Just Don't Get The Magic Thing


After the Runner’s rest/heal up for the a couple of days, they get a buzz from Mr. Johnson they took the job from. He said that he got there money and they need to come and collect. They gear up and head to the club. When the Runner’s get in the all but empty club they go and sit next to Mr. Johnson. He hands them there nuyen and tells them what happen at the lab after they left. As the conversation come to a close, Mr. Johnson gives them a warring about Andrew Cornare. He said that if he has it his way the corp would not be in control but the government he adds a if you get drift to the end of the conversation.
The Runner’s leave and go there separate ways too do there own thing. Collider works on a show, Wastor looks into the death of Tom and Slythos dose his drinking thing.
Later on in the day Will sends the Runner’s a text and said to show up at his bar as soon as they can.
When the Runner’s arrive at the bar they see Will at the bar in the basement alone drying a glass with an ferocious look upon his face. The Runner’s ask why such the urgent message to meat. A response is cause i wished to speak with all of you came from the ceiling of the basement bar. Will glares at the ceiling the runner’s look at the ceiling in all the ways they could. A man appears standing on the ceiling. The Man steps down and said we must talk about you guys destiny. As the Runner’s and the strange man conversation continue, the man said that they need to take down this group of mages trying to open a portal to the awaken world. The man explains the awaken world and all of the bad things that can come from a portal being open to the awaken world. Collider pops up and asks why this mage guild that the strange man is from is asking for there help people with no magic experience to take down this group of mages. The strange man tells them its there destiny. Collider ask if they will provide them with assistant and give them payment for this job. The strange man said yes assistant will be provided but payment would not. He tells them it is there destiny. The conversation continues for about an hour back and fourth between Collider and the strange man. Collider tells the man to go to hell with him and his destiny crap. The strange man offers a warring that the mage guild he is from will have there wrath sent down upon them and leaves.
The next day Wastor try’s to look into tom’s death again and gets were he got yesterday, no wear. Will talks to Slythos about his drinking problem and Collider goes and talks to one of his tech guys. After done talking to his tech guy Collider goes and shots a scene for his upcoming show. As he is shooting his scene he is jumped by two mages. Collider takes down one of them but the other shoots a giant lighting bolt and takes collider down. The mage walks up too him and stabes him a knife and said this is what you get for messing with are business and leaves. When his crew figures out that it was not a scene they call for a ambulance.
Will comes to the hospital to see Collider and calls Wastor and Slythos. When Collider wakes up, the runner’s talk about the attack on Collider, Collider says it might be the guy from that wired mage guild they ment from the other day. Will Sates that the mage guild they encounter yesterday would a.not confront during the day and b. there not the come and kill random people for no reason type.
The runner’s rest on the events that have happen over the last couple of days. Slythos still wounded mentally over the death of his parents and uses alcohol to cover the pain up try’s to move past the pain. Wastor still wonders who killed Tom and what are the aliens doing on earth. Collider confused over the whole deal with the mage guild and there strong stance on destiny and why would they consider trying to give him a job and not pay him with something of use to him. Oh and what is he going to do for a show next week.



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