New Runner's Enter The Unknown Night's Shadow

The Runner's Games


After a month of wired salience from… well from every one, Slythos Gets a message from anonymous source saying “pleas gather all of your team mates together cause this message will only play once” Slythos calls every one and tells them about the message and the Runners deiced to meet at Will’s bar. When the teams gets to Will’s bar they Slythos starts the message, the message begins with a grand classical musical opening for about 15 seconds. Then a female voice suddenly starts to speak, “welcome Runner’s. You have been selected for a runner’s game. Please fallow the directions given though each message. First task, go to Mitsuhama elections there you will receive a message there.” After the message the music was turn back up and quick flash of Mitsuhama corp logo.
The team fishes there drinks at Will’s bar and goes and scout the parking lot. They see the stander parking lot surveillance cameras and nothing much else. As they enter the parking lot they get another message. When Slythos opens the message the recorded female voice speaks, “The mission is to extract an information chip in warehouse 43 at Wherestorage.” The team decides to take the train there.
While the runners are on the train, Wastor hears some guys talking in the car ahead of them. “This has to be the easiest runner’s games ever. Yeah extracting some info chip from a crapy warehouse. Easiest job ever.” loudly they spoke with out a care. Wastor informs the others that he suspects the 2 guys in front of the door are other runner’s in the competition. They discuss how to deal with them. Slythos scans for there comlinks, he finds five comlinks in the next car he also finds out that three of them are linked together. since Collider has augmented thermal vision and Wastor has low-light vision, Collider tells Slythos to cut the lights and have door open simultaneously. Wastor readies his Monofilament chainsaw, Collider gets ready to throw a leaping lethal kick. Slythos cuts the lights and the door opens, as soon as the door pop opens Wastor and Collider launch there attacks simultaneously. Wastor swings his Monofilament chainsaw and catches the competitive runner in the head. Wastor takes his targets head and the top left portion of the body off. Collider’s leaping kick connects with the other competitive runner. The kick made the runner stumble a couple of steps back but the kick had little damage. Wastor took his monofilament chainsaw and quickly stabbed the runner that collider kick in the stomach. The runner yells in pain trying to grab his gun but Collider with his quick reflexes kicks deep were wastor stabbed. As Collider recoils his kick ripping out some internal organs, the last competitive runner in the back of the train car pulls his gun and fires blindly being blinded by the darkness. Wastor and collider quickly try to cover but wastor was grazed by the blind fire. Slythos quickly turns the lights back on and pulls out his gun. At that time Collider rolls out of cover and launches one of his favorite leaping kicks. His kick connects to the chest with little damage and the runner shaking the pain off try’s to fire his gun point blank at Collider. Collider grabs his arm that has the gun and pulls it away from him but a bullet grazes his helmet. Wastor and Slythos aim and fire there guns at the runner’s head. Slythos’s bullet grazes his ear and wastor’s bullet makes the runner’s head explode.
Collider wipes blood and brain matter off of his helmet. The team worried about the wittness has Wastor intimidate them. Wastor lifts up his gun and yells “Look all of you guys need to forget what happen hear or else!” As he revs up his monofilament chainsaw in the air. Slythos text them that he has one of the passenger in the second car on the train names and its Jake. Wastor looks at both passenger siting side by side and says “And as for you Jake don’t say a word cause will be coming for you!” Wastor’s intimidation speech strikes fear on too the train passengers and as for Jake well lets just say he is a little wet.
After the train stops the team quickly moves out of the train station and walk far apart from each other. They arrive at warehouse 43 and upon arrivle Slythos tells the team that there in a dead zone (no matrix access). The team also sees that the surveillance cameras are down in front of warehouse 43. Also there is a key pad in front of the door and a oddly placed note saying the “the code is the symphony that was playing in the message.” The team guessed that they meant the music playing in the background in the first message they received. Slythos and Collider head back into town to a music shop. Wastor stayed behind to look after the warehouse.
Slthos and collider entered the music shop and spoke with the man behind the counter. Slythos hummed the tune to the music guy who then said “ah yes Beethoven 9th symphony. You know you guys are the second group to ask me that today.” Collider thanked him by buying a copy of the song and him and Slythos went back to the warehouse.
When they got back to the warehouse the typed the code in and the warehouse door opened. the team entered and the door behind them closed and locked it self.
The inside of the warehouse looked like a old file storage place. Rows and rows of cardboard boxes. As the team searched the warehouse they realized that the boxes were empty. In the back they found there was box on the ground by itself. They found the storage chip they were sent after. Slythos read the memory chip and in the process he set off an silent alarm.
Just then the door opened and in came two guys. The team hid behind the shelf’s and listen to them talked. “Man looks like we got to start digging to find that chip” said one of the guys. " yeah man i hate this kind of shit." the man said. Just as they were talking a loud shot was fired and the man on the right had a bullet put through his head and three armed solder looking guys marched in and open fire on the other guy.
Collider try’s to sneak pass them, Slythos try’s to hide behind shelf’s and Wastor also try’s to sneak pass them. But as Wastor try’s to sneak he trips over his own feet and knocks down the shelf’s he was behind. The three armed solder guys close in on him.
Wastor quickly throws his homemade smoke bomb in front of the armed guys and quick fire at one of the armed guys. At that time Collider knock downs one self’s on top of two guys. The two armed guys left the self off of them and the other fires at Wastor. Wastor was grazed by some of the cover fire. Slythos fried his shotgun at the armed guy firing. The armed guy firing went down. At that time before the armed guys got complete up, Wastor shot one of the guys and Collider did a leaping kick the same guy. The armed guy goes down. The other guy who is back up fires at Wastor. All bullets miss. Slythos fires his shotgun at the last armed guy in the room. The armed guy is hit and passes out. At that time Collider gets hit by the sniper in the stomach. Collider half awake rolls out of the snipers sights. The team walks as closet to the wall as possible and gets to the door. There they see a car were the sniper is. Collider and Slythos lays down covering fire for Wastor as he sprints to get a better shot on the sniper. Wastor gets about 15 meters away and fires an very accurate shot at the sniper’s head.
After the fight concluded Collider administrative first ad on to his self with the help of his med bot While they dived to the night club. When they get to the night club the vale parks there car and when the team enters the hosts points to a v.i.p room at the back of the night club.
The team enters the v.i.p room and there sits a well dressed 5,9 190lbs male. He identifies him as Mr. Jhonson and tells them that they passed the runners games. He tells the team that he has a job to offer from Mitsuhama corp. The job is to help bring down Vizoh corp and the way to do this is to find there hind laboratory that they dumped about 3/4 of there money into. Mr. Jhonson also tells them that Mitsuhama and the government has been helping them with there legal and Vizoh troubles for the past month. He tells them the job is to 1st find the laboratory 2nd find out what Vizoh is dumping there money into 3rd try to destroy the laboratory and if they are successful that Mitsuhama will hand them 5,000 nu-yen. The team decides to take they job. Mr. Jhonson thanks them, gives them his number and a credstick with some info on a doctor for Collider who has been phasing in and out of the entire conversation.
The team heads out to heal Collider and are now faced with the task that has been given by Mr. Jhonson.



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