New Runner's Enter The Unknown Night's Shadow

Terror in the Vizoh Node.


After speaking to Darkin at the club, the runners deiced that the best plan of action is to send the info they had on Vizoh corp back to them as a sign of a cease fire (hopefully avoiding a fire fight). As a couple of days past, Slythos got a visit from the AI. The AI asks Slythos if he wants to see something cool on the matrix. Slythos willing agrees to go with him. The AI takes him to a node built and controlled by Vizoh. As they dive deeper into this node they arrived at the heart of the operating system. It was then the AI turned and said to Slythos make it out alive and disappeared. Slythos was left to fend off the node security. Meanwhile Wastor (being hunted down by the police and his photo spread across the matrix) turned his self in for questioning. The so called investigators grilled him for hours. Back at the Vizoh node, Slythos is having a hard time fighting off the security and navigating through this node. The node is separated into four parts. Earth, water, wind and fire. As Slythos navigates through this node’s OS, he finds that in earth there is data stored into mountains, worms and other things. Slythos manged to grab some earthworms filled with data. In fire Slythos encounter what appeared to be AI’s and other wired things that look like they don’t belong there enslaved and under watch by guys who were on fire. Meanwhile Titanium Servo-Kick Kaleidoscope was pulled and questioned by the police about wastor. The police went back and forth between two for a good 3-4 hours finely they let Titanium Servo-Kick Kaleidoscope go. As the police were about to let Wastor go he met a 5’5 135lbs long brown hair girl in the waiting area. She looked at Wastor and asked, “Do you want too stop the dragons”? Wastor confused replied, “what do you know the dragons”? She responded quietly and fast, “we don”t have time for that". She continued “I can stop them, but we have to do it tonight”. “Are you with me?” She ask. Wastor Being somewhat convinced decide to fallow her outside. There she said, “we have to go back to the Vizoh hotel”. Wastor told her, “ah hold on one second”. He stepped aside and called Titanium Servo-Kick Kaleidoscope. When Collider picked up wastor told him what he was about to do. Collider suspecting a trap told him, “Get the hell out if there now! It sounds like a trap” wastor wasting no time found a sewer and escaped. Back at the Vizoh node, Slythos being very tired fighting security and navigating through this OS decides to find an escape route. He deduced that the wind section might have escape route. Being badly injured he limped on over to the wind section. upon entering Slythos was attacked to the point were he had blacked out and falling down straight into a giant dragon’s mouth. Slythos woke up after being swallowed by the dragon, luckily enough it was the way out the this node. Slythos made his way out of the node and jacked out of the matrix. He woke up in bed coughing up blood, Slythos with his last bit of strength called collider to come and help him.



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