New Runner's Enter The Unknown Night's Shadow

Power Plant Rescue and A Day Away From the City

Power Plant Rescue

The Group took on the mission of saving Slythos. Jack one of there contacts found out he was be held captive at a power plant. Jack also gave them some extra help in the from of a troll named Zorg Fleacher. The team made a plan of attack and went in to save there buddy.
After taking out the guards in the power plant they were jumped by some para-militarily group. They fought there way up to the first floor. On the first floor the team (being very hurt) encountered a sniper. They book it to the woods and ran like hell to town were they met up with Alexandra. They went to Jessica’s apt. and were healed by Jessica and Alexandra.

A Day Away From The City

When Collider and Zorg woke up they found Wastor in a sick state. Jessica told them that his wounds got infected and she gave him some meds for the infection but it would take time to work. After that Zorg called Leroy (one of his contacts) and try to find more info on Slythos. In doing so Zorg got a job from Leroy.



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