New Runner's Enter The Unknown Night's Shadow

Mage Gun


The Runner’s get some help from Will as he tells them that he knows a guy that they can talk to about there magic problems. The Runner’s are given the address off a mage that runs a orphanage, when the runner’s arrive they see a garden with children running around and are then greeted by the mage that runs the orphanage.
They are then taken too a study area were they are asked to wait. After a few minutes there host greets them with drinks and starts the conversation. The runner’s find out that the name of the mage guild they encountered is named the revolving triangle and a few other things about them. After they conversation was done the Runner’s took there leave and went on about there business.
While the Runner’s were doing there business Slythos got a cal from Andrew Cornare and he wanted to speak with him face to face. Slythos showed up at a coffee sack were Andrew was sipping some coffee and reading some news. Andrew told Slythos if he were to take care of this magic gang who are trying to summon a spirit from the awaken side and in return he would give him the real report on his parents death. Without hesitation Slythos said yes to the job.
After the talk with Andrew Slythos called the rest of the gang to let them in on what he just accepted to do. Collider was not thrilled to do a job for nothing so he told Slytho’s that he would take the job if he would promises that he would easy up on the boozes. Slytho’s reluctantly agreed to these terms. Wastor called Andrew and asked him if he could get him the Autopsy report on the death of Tom. Andrew agreed but asked him if he could keep the body count down.
The Runner’s got a call from the orphan mage and he told them the location of the hideout of these mage’s. The Runner’s went over to the area were these mage’s were staying.
As they were scoping the area they heard a loud explosion. The runner’s rushed over to see what caused it and when they got there they saw a man laying on the ground. Wastor recognized him as Pepé (a former war buddy from when he work as a solder for Aeries). Wastor ran up to him to see how bad the injuries were. Pepé handed Wastor a strange looking gun and smiled as his eyes rolled back into his head and died. While the Runner’s were confused they saw two minotaurs being summoned.
The two minotaurs charged at the Runner’s like bat out of hell, Collider jumps up in the air and try too connect a leap kick but one of the minotaurs jumps up and clotheslines him into the ground. Wastor charges right into the other one with his monofilament chainsaw in hand and cuts into him dropping him. Slythos takes his Remington and fires at the other one dropping him down.
After the fight settles the Runner’s investigate the area further and discover five men in a circle chanting. They try firing st them but it had no effect. Wastor shoots the wired gun Pepé gave him at the five guys in the circle and as he dose the energy that was discharged from his gun split into five energy bolts and killed all five men but it was a little to late, a cockroach spirit got through.
Slythos takes aim and shoots at him and grazes him. The roach spirit attacks Slythos smacking him with his antenna and biting him. Slythos goes down and Collider pulls out his machine pistol and opens fire. The burst fire seems to have little effect. Wastor not wasting any time uses the the gun Pepé gave him and fires a black bullet. When the bullet hits the roach spirit implodes. Wastor is hit with a nasty drain from the gun. Collider walks up to the roach and unloads all of the bullets in his clips at the roach.
After the fight Wastor picks up Pepé and Collider picks up Slythos and head over to the orphanage. When they get there the mage there helps heal them.
Andrew sends the file on Slythos’s parents to him and also the info on Tom’s death to wastor. Collider gets a call from his boss from his other job and asks him to be at a meeting in couple of days. The Runner’s stop a hole leading into the awaken world and leading the world into more chaos then it could handle but now the real problems start next time.
There personal life!!!



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