New Runner's Enter The Unknown Night's Shadow

Lab Night Raid


So the runner’s deiced to look around the district were the lab there suppose to destroy is. Collider deiced to shot a scene on top of a rooftop to scan buildings, Wastor deiced to go into business dressed up as a janitor to get a look inside and Slythos deiced to hop on the matrix and get floor plans on the buildings in the district. But nothing was coming up to indicate a lab. Wastor gets a message from an unknown person stating to come over to the coffee shack. Wastor tells the others about the message and they head over to the shack.
When they arrive they encounter a odd person named Andrew Cornare. As in turns out he is a special agent from U.C.A.S. and gives the runner’s a tip on were the lab is. He points out a restaurant and tells them that the lab there looking for is under the restaurant.
As the runner’s scope out the restaurant they deiced to set off the fire alarm and sneak in with the confusion of the alarm. In doing so the sprinklers went off and get pass the wait staff Collider puts on his shock gloves and sends electricity flying to all how are standing on the wet floor. In doing so Collider knocks out three waiters and sends three others into cardiac arrest. The runner’s advance into the basement and set up a monofilament wire trap on one of the steps leading down the stairs. When the runner’s investigate the basement they find a key pad that needs a card. Andrew sends the Runner’s a text message saying he has info on how to get into the lab. they runner’s sneak up stairs trying to escape. As the Runner’s are doing so the store manger walks down the stairs to the basement and steps on the trap left by the Runner’s. The manger lost his foot in this trap.
Andrew calls the runner’s and tells them that there is an underground fight club and there they will find two workers that work in the lab. He said they are looking for a natural body fighter.
The team deiced to enroll Slythos in the fight for the night. The manger of the fight club doesn’t like the idea of a 5’4 elf fighting against a 7ft troll but he has Slythos sign a waver and said “God speed and see you tonight”.
Collider and wastor deiced to distract the two lab workers and look for an opportunity too steal the card key. Before the fight the starts Collider talks up the two workers and sits down next them and watches the fight. Slythos try’s to put up a fight but takes two body blows and starts to cough up blood in this moment Collider pick the card from one off the workers.
Slythos is taken to a magic medic to heal his wounds. Collider and Wastor deiced to raise hell at the fight club to try to get out of paying the manger anything. This puts Collider in bad shape. They find Slythos and have the medic heal Collider.
The Runner’s they make there way back to the restaurant and slide the key card and get into the lab. As they get in the lab there jumped by three guards. These guards do some heave damage to Collider and Wastor. Slythos puts the final shots into the last two guards. Slythos then trys to stop the bleeding and puts stem-packs on both of them.
The Runner’s deiced too carry on there mission. As the advance through the lab they come to an open area that has giant claw marks on the wall and an upstairs were it looks like a place to observe from blow. As the Runner’s make there way upstairs they hear familiar sounds of gun clicks.
As runner’s slowly advance towards the door the are shot at. The runner’s try to take the best of cover as they can. As the gun fire stops the Runner’s hear an large explosion in the room upstairs. The Runner’s confused continue to slowly advance to the door and discover that the guards cooked the grande too long. As they investigate the room upstairs the come across an unusual amount of paper files. Slythos scans them and sends them to Andrew. Andrew responds with thanks be there in ten.
The Runner’s hear and see more guards closing in on them. The Runner’s set up traps and prepare to unload there guns on the guards. There monofilament trap works well for a couple of guards and the rest get gunned down by the Runner’s.
Andrew and his assault team show up and Andrew tells the Runner’s to go home and heal up. The Runner’s all go to Collider’s place. Slythos helps patch up Wastor and Collider and the team rest for about two days.



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