New Runner's Enter The Unknown Night's Shadow

* Prelude To Hell Part 1*


The There runners (Wastor, Slythos and Titanium Servo-Kick Kaleidoscope aka collider) get a phone call from Will (Good Eye) about finding them some runs. He also tells them that if they would like free drinks for the night that they could take care of some thugs that have been causing them some trouble. The runners eagerly accept his offer on free drinks. As the approached the warehouse were the thugs were they deiced to cut the camera feed around the warehouse. As Slythos went off to tap into the matrix, Wastor went up to the door and took out his chainsaw and cut his way through the front door. Titanium Servo-Kick Kaleidoscope aka collider stayed back into the shadow and waited to strike. Wastor‘s entrance scared the hell out of the thugs, but two of the four went and charge Wastor. As Slythos was cutting the camera feed he caught the attention of a Lone Star drone. Slythos scrambled his signal and jack out of the matrix. He then proceed to warn the others. Wastor drew his gun and fired one shot at one of the thugs and Titanium Servo-Kick Kaleidoscope aka collider leaped out of the shadows and kick the other thug in the throat. They then told the thugs to leave this side of town or they would come back and deal with them. After running away they met up at Will (Good Eye)’s bar to meet up him.
Will (Good Eye) gave them a list of jobs that he had lined. One was a job from a Mrs. Jhonson, another from a detective friend and one from a random guy. The runners deiced to help Will (Good Eye)‘s detective friend and also they called the random guy to what his job was. The random guy’s name was Ben, an seemingly average accountant that want someone to deliver something to someone. The runner’s made an appointment to meet Ben to night.
The runner’s went out to the apartment ware they were going to meet with Ben and scoped it out and wait for Ben to arrive. When Ben showed up he was very nerves, he told the runner’s that he was being set up for a fall guy for a child prostitution ring. He tossed them a credstick with 9000 Nu-Yen on it and told them that all information that he had was on it. Ben then pulled out a gun and was going to kill himself, but before he could Titanium Servo-Kick Kaleidoscope aka collider leaped into the air and kick him unconscious. As the runner’s were leaving they noticed a scout group on top of the building across the apartment that they were in.
Back at Will (Good Eye)‘s bar they decided to see what was on the credsitck. When Slythos went into the credstick he was in a blank withe room and a safe in the middle of the room with a black figure standing on top of the safe. It was an AI, it seems like the AI (?) was protecting the info in the safe. Very wired. As they retrieved the info from the safe the runner’s found out that the prostitution ring was leaded by a new up and coming gang called chameleon. The runner’s decided to try to take this gang down, but first they needed some info on this gang. Will (Good Eye) told them that he had a connection in the local Yakuza and would get them a meeting with that connection.
AS Wastor sat and pondered all of this info his paranoia theory kicked in, it was all coming together in his mind. kidnapping children, a new gang in town that is named after a reptile…. No this was not the work of a new gang this is dragons kidnapping the chidern that would save the future. It all coming together now.
The next day, Slythos and Titanium Servo-Kick Kaleidoscope aka collider went to the meeting with the Yakuza lieutenant Baki. Baki told them that this new gang chameleon is probably getting funded by the new corporation Vizoh. He also told them that one of the gang leader was staying at the new Vizoh hotel in one of the penthouse sweets.
Wastor went to his odd acquaintance Tom to get floor plans for the hotel.
The runner’s are now plotting how to get in to the hotel and take out this new gang.



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