New Runner's Enter The Unknown Night's Shadow

Power Plant Rescue and A Day Away From the City

Power Plant Rescue

The Group took on the mission of saving Slythos. Jack one of there contacts found out he was be held captive at a power plant. Jack also gave them some extra help in the from of a troll named Zorg Fleacher. The team made a plan of attack and went in to save there buddy.
After taking out the guards in the power plant they were jumped by some para-militarily group. They fought there way up to the first floor. On the first floor the team (being very hurt) encountered a sniper. They book it to the woods and ran like hell to town were they met up with Alexandra. They went to Jessica’s apt. and were healed by Jessica and Alexandra.

A Day Away From The City

When Collider and Zorg woke up they found Wastor in a sick state. Jessica told them that his wounds got infected and she gave him some meds for the infection but it would take time to work. After that Zorg called Leroy (one of his contacts) and try to find more info on Slythos. In doing so Zorg got a job from Leroy.

Mage Gun


The Runner’s get some help from Will as he tells them that he knows a guy that they can talk to about there magic problems. The Runner’s are given the address off a mage that runs a orphanage, when the runner’s arrive they see a garden with children running around and are then greeted by the mage that runs the orphanage.
They are then taken too a study area were they are asked to wait. After a few minutes there host greets them with drinks and starts the conversation. The runner’s find out that the name of the mage guild they encountered is named the revolving triangle and a few other things about them. After they conversation was done the Runner’s took there leave and went on about there business.
While the Runner’s were doing there business Slythos got a cal from Andrew Cornare and he wanted to speak with him face to face. Slythos showed up at a coffee sack were Andrew was sipping some coffee and reading some news. Andrew told Slythos if he were to take care of this magic gang who are trying to summon a spirit from the awaken side and in return he would give him the real report on his parents death. Without hesitation Slythos said yes to the job.
After the talk with Andrew Slythos called the rest of the gang to let them in on what he just accepted to do. Collider was not thrilled to do a job for nothing so he told Slytho’s that he would take the job if he would promises that he would easy up on the boozes. Slytho’s reluctantly agreed to these terms. Wastor called Andrew and asked him if he could get him the Autopsy report on the death of Tom. Andrew agreed but asked him if he could keep the body count down.
The Runner’s got a call from the orphan mage and he told them the location of the hideout of these mage’s. The Runner’s went over to the area were these mage’s were staying.
As they were scoping the area they heard a loud explosion. The runner’s rushed over to see what caused it and when they got there they saw a man laying on the ground. Wastor recognized him as Pepé (a former war buddy from when he work as a solder for Aeries). Wastor ran up to him to see how bad the injuries were. Pepé handed Wastor a strange looking gun and smiled as his eyes rolled back into his head and died. While the Runner’s were confused they saw two minotaurs being summoned.
The two minotaurs charged at the Runner’s like bat out of hell, Collider jumps up in the air and try too connect a leap kick but one of the minotaurs jumps up and clotheslines him into the ground. Wastor charges right into the other one with his monofilament chainsaw in hand and cuts into him dropping him. Slythos takes his Remington and fires at the other one dropping him down.
After the fight settles the Runner’s investigate the area further and discover five men in a circle chanting. They try firing st them but it had no effect. Wastor shoots the wired gun Pepé gave him at the five guys in the circle and as he dose the energy that was discharged from his gun split into five energy bolts and killed all five men but it was a little to late, a cockroach spirit got through.
Slythos takes aim and shoots at him and grazes him. The roach spirit attacks Slythos smacking him with his antenna and biting him. Slythos goes down and Collider pulls out his machine pistol and opens fire. The burst fire seems to have little effect. Wastor not wasting any time uses the the gun Pepé gave him and fires a black bullet. When the bullet hits the roach spirit implodes. Wastor is hit with a nasty drain from the gun. Collider walks up to the roach and unloads all of the bullets in his clips at the roach.
After the fight Wastor picks up Pepé and Collider picks up Slythos and head over to the orphanage. When they get there the mage there helps heal them.
Andrew sends the file on Slythos’s parents to him and also the info on Tom’s death to wastor. Collider gets a call from his boss from his other job and asks him to be at a meeting in couple of days. The Runner’s stop a hole leading into the awaken world and leading the world into more chaos then it could handle but now the real problems start next time.
There personal life!!!

They Just Don't Get The Magic Thing


After the Runner’s rest/heal up for the a couple of days, they get a buzz from Mr. Johnson they took the job from. He said that he got there money and they need to come and collect. They gear up and head to the club. When the Runner’s get in the all but empty club they go and sit next to Mr. Johnson. He hands them there nuyen and tells them what happen at the lab after they left. As the conversation come to a close, Mr. Johnson gives them a warring about Andrew Cornare. He said that if he has it his way the corp would not be in control but the government he adds a if you get drift to the end of the conversation.
The Runner’s leave and go there separate ways too do there own thing. Collider works on a show, Wastor looks into the death of Tom and Slythos dose his drinking thing.
Later on in the day Will sends the Runner’s a text and said to show up at his bar as soon as they can.
When the Runner’s arrive at the bar they see Will at the bar in the basement alone drying a glass with an ferocious look upon his face. The Runner’s ask why such the urgent message to meat. A response is cause i wished to speak with all of you came from the ceiling of the basement bar. Will glares at the ceiling the runner’s look at the ceiling in all the ways they could. A man appears standing on the ceiling. The Man steps down and said we must talk about you guys destiny. As the Runner’s and the strange man conversation continue, the man said that they need to take down this group of mages trying to open a portal to the awaken world. The man explains the awaken world and all of the bad things that can come from a portal being open to the awaken world. Collider pops up and asks why this mage guild that the strange man is from is asking for there help people with no magic experience to take down this group of mages. The strange man tells them its there destiny. Collider ask if they will provide them with assistant and give them payment for this job. The strange man said yes assistant will be provided but payment would not. He tells them it is there destiny. The conversation continues for about an hour back and fourth between Collider and the strange man. Collider tells the man to go to hell with him and his destiny crap. The strange man offers a warring that the mage guild he is from will have there wrath sent down upon them and leaves.
The next day Wastor try’s to look into tom’s death again and gets were he got yesterday, no wear. Will talks to Slythos about his drinking problem and Collider goes and talks to one of his tech guys. After done talking to his tech guy Collider goes and shots a scene for his upcoming show. As he is shooting his scene he is jumped by two mages. Collider takes down one of them but the other shoots a giant lighting bolt and takes collider down. The mage walks up too him and stabes him a knife and said this is what you get for messing with are business and leaves. When his crew figures out that it was not a scene they call for a ambulance.
Will comes to the hospital to see Collider and calls Wastor and Slythos. When Collider wakes up, the runner’s talk about the attack on Collider, Collider says it might be the guy from that wired mage guild they ment from the other day. Will Sates that the mage guild they encounter yesterday would a.not confront during the day and b. there not the come and kill random people for no reason type.
The runner’s rest on the events that have happen over the last couple of days. Slythos still wounded mentally over the death of his parents and uses alcohol to cover the pain up try’s to move past the pain. Wastor still wonders who killed Tom and what are the aliens doing on earth. Collider confused over the whole deal with the mage guild and there strong stance on destiny and why would they consider trying to give him a job and not pay him with something of use to him. Oh and what is he going to do for a show next week.

Lab Night Raid


So the runner’s deiced to look around the district were the lab there suppose to destroy is. Collider deiced to shot a scene on top of a rooftop to scan buildings, Wastor deiced to go into business dressed up as a janitor to get a look inside and Slythos deiced to hop on the matrix and get floor plans on the buildings in the district. But nothing was coming up to indicate a lab. Wastor gets a message from an unknown person stating to come over to the coffee shack. Wastor tells the others about the message and they head over to the shack.
When they arrive they encounter a odd person named Andrew Cornare. As in turns out he is a special agent from U.C.A.S. and gives the runner’s a tip on were the lab is. He points out a restaurant and tells them that the lab there looking for is under the restaurant.
As the runner’s scope out the restaurant they deiced to set off the fire alarm and sneak in with the confusion of the alarm. In doing so the sprinklers went off and get pass the wait staff Collider puts on his shock gloves and sends electricity flying to all how are standing on the wet floor. In doing so Collider knocks out three waiters and sends three others into cardiac arrest. The runner’s advance into the basement and set up a monofilament wire trap on one of the steps leading down the stairs. When the runner’s investigate the basement they find a key pad that needs a card. Andrew sends the Runner’s a text message saying he has info on how to get into the lab. they runner’s sneak up stairs trying to escape. As the Runner’s are doing so the store manger walks down the stairs to the basement and steps on the trap left by the Runner’s. The manger lost his foot in this trap.
Andrew calls the runner’s and tells them that there is an underground fight club and there they will find two workers that work in the lab. He said they are looking for a natural body fighter.
The team deiced to enroll Slythos in the fight for the night. The manger of the fight club doesn’t like the idea of a 5’4 elf fighting against a 7ft troll but he has Slythos sign a waver and said “God speed and see you tonight”.
Collider and wastor deiced to distract the two lab workers and look for an opportunity too steal the card key. Before the fight the starts Collider talks up the two workers and sits down next them and watches the fight. Slythos try’s to put up a fight but takes two body blows and starts to cough up blood in this moment Collider pick the card from one off the workers.
Slythos is taken to a magic medic to heal his wounds. Collider and Wastor deiced to raise hell at the fight club to try to get out of paying the manger anything. This puts Collider in bad shape. They find Slythos and have the medic heal Collider.
The Runner’s they make there way back to the restaurant and slide the key card and get into the lab. As they get in the lab there jumped by three guards. These guards do some heave damage to Collider and Wastor. Slythos puts the final shots into the last two guards. Slythos then trys to stop the bleeding and puts stem-packs on both of them.
The Runner’s deiced too carry on there mission. As the advance through the lab they come to an open area that has giant claw marks on the wall and an upstairs were it looks like a place to observe from blow. As the Runner’s make there way upstairs they hear familiar sounds of gun clicks.
As runner’s slowly advance towards the door the are shot at. The runner’s try to take the best of cover as they can. As the gun fire stops the Runner’s hear an large explosion in the room upstairs. The Runner’s confused continue to slowly advance to the door and discover that the guards cooked the grande too long. As they investigate the room upstairs the come across an unusual amount of paper files. Slythos scans them and sends them to Andrew. Andrew responds with thanks be there in ten.
The Runner’s hear and see more guards closing in on them. The Runner’s set up traps and prepare to unload there guns on the guards. There monofilament trap works well for a couple of guards and the rest get gunned down by the Runner’s.
Andrew and his assault team show up and Andrew tells the Runner’s to go home and heal up. The Runner’s all go to Collider’s place. Slythos helps patch up Wastor and Collider and the team rest for about two days.

The Runner's Games


After a month of wired salience from… well from every one, Slythos Gets a message from anonymous source saying “pleas gather all of your team mates together cause this message will only play once” Slythos calls every one and tells them about the message and the Runners deiced to meet at Will’s bar. When the teams gets to Will’s bar they Slythos starts the message, the message begins with a grand classical musical opening for about 15 seconds. Then a female voice suddenly starts to speak, “welcome Runner’s. You have been selected for a runner’s game. Please fallow the directions given though each message. First task, go to Mitsuhama elections there you will receive a message there.” After the message the music was turn back up and quick flash of Mitsuhama corp logo.
The team fishes there drinks at Will’s bar and goes and scout the parking lot. They see the stander parking lot surveillance cameras and nothing much else. As they enter the parking lot they get another message. When Slythos opens the message the recorded female voice speaks, “The mission is to extract an information chip in warehouse 43 at Wherestorage.” The team decides to take the train there.
While the runners are on the train, Wastor hears some guys talking in the car ahead of them. “This has to be the easiest runner’s games ever. Yeah extracting some info chip from a crapy warehouse. Easiest job ever.” loudly they spoke with out a care. Wastor informs the others that he suspects the 2 guys in front of the door are other runner’s in the competition. They discuss how to deal with them. Slythos scans for there comlinks, he finds five comlinks in the next car he also finds out that three of them are linked together. since Collider has augmented thermal vision and Wastor has low-light vision, Collider tells Slythos to cut the lights and have door open simultaneously. Wastor readies his Monofilament chainsaw, Collider gets ready to throw a leaping lethal kick. Slythos cuts the lights and the door opens, as soon as the door pop opens Wastor and Collider launch there attacks simultaneously. Wastor swings his Monofilament chainsaw and catches the competitive runner in the head. Wastor takes his targets head and the top left portion of the body off. Collider’s leaping kick connects with the other competitive runner. The kick made the runner stumble a couple of steps back but the kick had little damage. Wastor took his monofilament chainsaw and quickly stabbed the runner that collider kick in the stomach. The runner yells in pain trying to grab his gun but Collider with his quick reflexes kicks deep were wastor stabbed. As Collider recoils his kick ripping out some internal organs, the last competitive runner in the back of the train car pulls his gun and fires blindly being blinded by the darkness. Wastor and collider quickly try to cover but wastor was grazed by the blind fire. Slythos quickly turns the lights back on and pulls out his gun. At that time Collider rolls out of cover and launches one of his favorite leaping kicks. His kick connects to the chest with little damage and the runner shaking the pain off try’s to fire his gun point blank at Collider. Collider grabs his arm that has the gun and pulls it away from him but a bullet grazes his helmet. Wastor and Slythos aim and fire there guns at the runner’s head. Slythos’s bullet grazes his ear and wastor’s bullet makes the runner’s head explode.
Collider wipes blood and brain matter off of his helmet. The team worried about the wittness has Wastor intimidate them. Wastor lifts up his gun and yells “Look all of you guys need to forget what happen hear or else!” As he revs up his monofilament chainsaw in the air. Slythos text them that he has one of the passenger in the second car on the train names and its Jake. Wastor looks at both passenger siting side by side and says “And as for you Jake don’t say a word cause will be coming for you!” Wastor’s intimidation speech strikes fear on too the train passengers and as for Jake well lets just say he is a little wet.
After the train stops the team quickly moves out of the train station and walk far apart from each other. They arrive at warehouse 43 and upon arrivle Slythos tells the team that there in a dead zone (no matrix access). The team also sees that the surveillance cameras are down in front of warehouse 43. Also there is a key pad in front of the door and a oddly placed note saying the “the code is the symphony that was playing in the message.” The team guessed that they meant the music playing in the background in the first message they received. Slythos and Collider head back into town to a music shop. Wastor stayed behind to look after the warehouse.
Slthos and collider entered the music shop and spoke with the man behind the counter. Slythos hummed the tune to the music guy who then said “ah yes Beethoven 9th symphony. You know you guys are the second group to ask me that today.” Collider thanked him by buying a copy of the song and him and Slythos went back to the warehouse.
When they got back to the warehouse the typed the code in and the warehouse door opened. the team entered and the door behind them closed and locked it self.
The inside of the warehouse looked like a old file storage place. Rows and rows of cardboard boxes. As the team searched the warehouse they realized that the boxes were empty. In the back they found there was box on the ground by itself. They found the storage chip they were sent after. Slythos read the memory chip and in the process he set off an silent alarm.
Just then the door opened and in came two guys. The team hid behind the shelf’s and listen to them talked. “Man looks like we got to start digging to find that chip” said one of the guys. " yeah man i hate this kind of shit." the man said. Just as they were talking a loud shot was fired and the man on the right had a bullet put through his head and three armed solder looking guys marched in and open fire on the other guy.
Collider try’s to sneak pass them, Slythos try’s to hide behind shelf’s and Wastor also try’s to sneak pass them. But as Wastor try’s to sneak he trips over his own feet and knocks down the shelf’s he was behind. The three armed solder guys close in on him.
Wastor quickly throws his homemade smoke bomb in front of the armed guys and quick fire at one of the armed guys. At that time Collider knock downs one self’s on top of two guys. The two armed guys left the self off of them and the other fires at Wastor. Wastor was grazed by some of the cover fire. Slythos fried his shotgun at the armed guy firing. The armed guy firing went down. At that time before the armed guys got complete up, Wastor shot one of the guys and Collider did a leaping kick the same guy. The armed guy goes down. The other guy who is back up fires at Wastor. All bullets miss. Slythos fires his shotgun at the last armed guy in the room. The armed guy is hit and passes out. At that time Collider gets hit by the sniper in the stomach. Collider half awake rolls out of the snipers sights. The team walks as closet to the wall as possible and gets to the door. There they see a car were the sniper is. Collider and Slythos lays down covering fire for Wastor as he sprints to get a better shot on the sniper. Wastor gets about 15 meters away and fires an very accurate shot at the sniper’s head.
After the fight concluded Collider administrative first ad on to his self with the help of his med bot While they dived to the night club. When they get to the night club the vale parks there car and when the team enters the hosts points to a v.i.p room at the back of the night club.
The team enters the v.i.p room and there sits a well dressed 5,9 190lbs male. He identifies him as Mr. Jhonson and tells them that they passed the runners games. He tells the team that he has a job to offer from Mitsuhama corp. The job is to help bring down Vizoh corp and the way to do this is to find there hind laboratory that they dumped about 3/4 of there money into. Mr. Jhonson also tells them that Mitsuhama and the government has been helping them with there legal and Vizoh troubles for the past month. He tells them the job is to 1st find the laboratory 2nd find out what Vizoh is dumping there money into 3rd try to destroy the laboratory and if they are successful that Mitsuhama will hand them 5,000 nu-yen. The team decides to take they job. Mr. Jhonson thanks them, gives them his number and a credstick with some info on a doctor for Collider who has been phasing in and out of the entire conversation.
The team heads out to heal Collider and are now faced with the task that has been given by Mr. Jhonson.

Terror in the Vizoh Node.


After speaking to Darkin at the club, the runners deiced that the best plan of action is to send the info they had on Vizoh corp back to them as a sign of a cease fire (hopefully avoiding a fire fight). As a couple of days past, Slythos got a visit from the AI. The AI asks Slythos if he wants to see something cool on the matrix. Slythos willing agrees to go with him. The AI takes him to a node built and controlled by Vizoh. As they dive deeper into this node they arrived at the heart of the operating system. It was then the AI turned and said to Slythos make it out alive and disappeared. Slythos was left to fend off the node security. Meanwhile Wastor (being hunted down by the police and his photo spread across the matrix) turned his self in for questioning. The so called investigators grilled him for hours. Back at the Vizoh node, Slythos is having a hard time fighting off the security and navigating through this node. The node is separated into four parts. Earth, water, wind and fire. As Slythos navigates through this node’s OS, he finds that in earth there is data stored into mountains, worms and other things. Slythos manged to grab some earthworms filled with data. In fire Slythos encounter what appeared to be AI’s and other wired things that look like they don’t belong there enslaved and under watch by guys who were on fire. Meanwhile Titanium Servo-Kick Kaleidoscope was pulled and questioned by the police about wastor. The police went back and forth between two for a good 3-4 hours finely they let Titanium Servo-Kick Kaleidoscope go. As the police were about to let Wastor go he met a 5’5 135lbs long brown hair girl in the waiting area. She looked at Wastor and asked, “Do you want too stop the dragons”? Wastor confused replied, “what do you know the dragons”? She responded quietly and fast, “we don”t have time for that". She continued “I can stop them, but we have to do it tonight”. “Are you with me?” She ask. Wastor Being somewhat convinced decide to fallow her outside. There she said, “we have to go back to the Vizoh hotel”. Wastor told her, “ah hold on one second”. He stepped aside and called Titanium Servo-Kick Kaleidoscope. When Collider picked up wastor told him what he was about to do. Collider suspecting a trap told him, “Get the hell out if there now! It sounds like a trap” wastor wasting no time found a sewer and escaped. Back at the Vizoh node, Slythos being very tired fighting security and navigating through this OS decides to find an escape route. He deduced that the wind section might have escape route. Being badly injured he limped on over to the wind section. upon entering Slythos was attacked to the point were he had blacked out and falling down straight into a giant dragon’s mouth. Slythos woke up after being swallowed by the dragon, luckily enough it was the way out the this node. Slythos made his way out of the node and jacked out of the matrix. He woke up in bed coughing up blood, Slythos with his last bit of strength called collider to come and help him.

* Prelude To Hell Part 2*


After scoping out the hotel, Titanium Servo-Kick Kaleidoscope aka collider decides to try to get a better look at it form the inside by going in there using his alter ego trying to get permission to shot one of his shows. After a wired talk with the manger at the hotel Titanium Servo-Kick Kaleidoscope aka collider got a meeting with the owner of the Vizoh hotel. Titanium Servo-Kick Kaleidoscope aka collider then rented a room for a couple of days. Mean while Slythos also got a room at the hotel and proceed to try to take control of the surveillance cameras, while he was doing so he found out there was a spider watching the node. Slythos carefully try to locate the whereabouts of the spider and found that he was staying right next door to Titanium Servo-Kick Kaleidoscope aka collider. Wastor was trying to get into the hotel and not cause a scene but ended up going in the froot door anyway. Titanium Servo-Kick Kaleidoscope aka collider rushed to call the front desk and tell them that is earner man was supposed to be arriving soon and he would probably smell and look bad because he was running across town for his stuff.
After that whole sharaded Slythos went and took out the spider (in the real world and not the matrix) and gained control of the cameras. The runners then proceeded to go to the pent house sweet and storm the room that the gang members of chameleon. As they stormed the sweet the Runners were greeted with gun fire. During the fight Titanium Servo-Kick Kaleidoscope aka collider went and kick down the door to the main room and there was one of the leaders with a grande launcher. Titanium Servo-Kick Kaleidoscope aka collider tried to jump backwerds as the grande was lunched but still took considered amount of damage for the blast but not as much as the leader. After the fight was over the Runners quickly ran out of the sweet and back to there respected rooms and waited for things to die down.
Titanium Servo-Kick Kaleidoscope aka collider then got a call from the manger of the hotel telling him that the owner of the hotel Darkin would see him now. As Titanium Servo-Kick Kaleidoscope aka collider and Darkin talked for a good minute and did not go so well for Titanium Servo-Kick Kaleidoscope aka collider. Darkin was in bad mood (with good reason).
The Runners met back at Will (Good Eye)’s bar to deiced there next move when the AI (?) appeared and told them not to take a job from the guy named Darkin. confused because they had not got a message from Darkin about a job or any thing the ai despaired as quickly as he showed up and then all of the runners got a message from Darkin saying he wanted to meet at a night club call Rat.
The Runners decide to go but only have Wastor talk to Darkin. As Wastor and Darkin talked Darkin told him that he wanted the info they had on him and chameleon. Wastor refused and the talk got escalated quickly with Darkin showing him his true eyes. They were yellow diamond shaped eyes. He then thertand Wastor by telling him that he did not give him the info they wanted that he would make there lives a living hell.

* Prelude To Hell Part 1*


The There runners (Wastor, Slythos and Titanium Servo-Kick Kaleidoscope aka collider) get a phone call from Will (Good Eye) about finding them some runs. He also tells them that if they would like free drinks for the night that they could take care of some thugs that have been causing them some trouble. The runners eagerly accept his offer on free drinks. As the approached the warehouse were the thugs were they deiced to cut the camera feed around the warehouse. As Slythos went off to tap into the matrix, Wastor went up to the door and took out his chainsaw and cut his way through the front door. Titanium Servo-Kick Kaleidoscope aka collider stayed back into the shadow and waited to strike. Wastor‘s entrance scared the hell out of the thugs, but two of the four went and charge Wastor. As Slythos was cutting the camera feed he caught the attention of a Lone Star drone. Slythos scrambled his signal and jack out of the matrix. He then proceed to warn the others. Wastor drew his gun and fired one shot at one of the thugs and Titanium Servo-Kick Kaleidoscope aka collider leaped out of the shadows and kick the other thug in the throat. They then told the thugs to leave this side of town or they would come back and deal with them. After running away they met up at Will (Good Eye)’s bar to meet up him.
Will (Good Eye) gave them a list of jobs that he had lined. One was a job from a Mrs. Jhonson, another from a detective friend and one from a random guy. The runners deiced to help Will (Good Eye)‘s detective friend and also they called the random guy to what his job was. The random guy’s name was Ben, an seemingly average accountant that want someone to deliver something to someone. The runner’s made an appointment to meet Ben to night.
The runner’s went out to the apartment ware they were going to meet with Ben and scoped it out and wait for Ben to arrive. When Ben showed up he was very nerves, he told the runner’s that he was being set up for a fall guy for a child prostitution ring. He tossed them a credstick with 9000 Nu-Yen on it and told them that all information that he had was on it. Ben then pulled out a gun and was going to kill himself, but before he could Titanium Servo-Kick Kaleidoscope aka collider leaped into the air and kick him unconscious. As the runner’s were leaving they noticed a scout group on top of the building across the apartment that they were in.
Back at Will (Good Eye)‘s bar they decided to see what was on the credsitck. When Slythos went into the credstick he was in a blank withe room and a safe in the middle of the room with a black figure standing on top of the safe. It was an AI, it seems like the AI (?) was protecting the info in the safe. Very wired. As they retrieved the info from the safe the runner’s found out that the prostitution ring was leaded by a new up and coming gang called chameleon. The runner’s decided to try to take this gang down, but first they needed some info on this gang. Will (Good Eye) told them that he had a connection in the local Yakuza and would get them a meeting with that connection.
AS Wastor sat and pondered all of this info his paranoia theory kicked in, it was all coming together in his mind. kidnapping children, a new gang in town that is named after a reptile…. No this was not the work of a new gang this is dragons kidnapping the chidern that would save the future. It all coming together now.
The next day, Slythos and Titanium Servo-Kick Kaleidoscope aka collider went to the meeting with the Yakuza lieutenant Baki. Baki told them that this new gang chameleon is probably getting funded by the new corporation Vizoh. He also told them that one of the gang leader was staying at the new Vizoh hotel in one of the penthouse sweets.
Wastor went to his odd acquaintance Tom to get floor plans for the hotel.
The runner’s are now plotting how to get in to the hotel and take out this new gang.


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